My life was so pathetic as I was raised in a home where my mother was the only parent. My grandmother was sometimes at our house but mostly it was me and Sally, my younger sister. I was to always make good grades in school or be punished by spanking or the strap. Mother soon found that corporeal punishment had little or no effect.

One day I stayed home from school because I was sick or so I told mother. Mother had gone off to see a friend leaving me home alone. I had always wondered what it felt like to wear panties and so I went to Sally's room and started going though her things. I felt her satin panties and soon ran the material over my cheek. They felt so soft. I was soon standing before her mirror in her pink lacy satin panties and was turning and looking at my butt in her panties. I had just made a little wiggle of my butt in the mirror and saw my grandmother in the mirror behind me.

Grandmother said well I see we have a new little granddaughter. I started to run and she put out her foot and tripped me. I was laying on the floor crying like a little baby girl only to hear her say "ah what is the matter Suzy are you hurt." I was not but was so embarrassed and she told me to stop crying but I could not. She said stop or you will be spanked like a little sissy. I was soon over her knee being spanked. She then stood me up and said now lets get you cleaned up for your mother will be home soon and she will be so proud of her baby girl.

I was begging her to not do this, but to no avail. Grandmother went to the closet in my sister's room and brought back some of Sally's pretty clothes. I was soon standing there in the satin panties and a baby blue party dress that was much to small for my tall body. As my hair was long she put two pigtails with pink bows in my hair. My tears were flowing and I was struggling to breath but grandmother did not stop there. She put lipstick and pink make up on my cheeks along with mascara on my eyes. She told me that if the makeup ran I would be on the receiving end of the hair brush.

Soon it happened mother and my sister walked in and I was standing there before them as well as two of Sally's school girl friends. I, out of humiliation, began to cry again and the makeup ran. After everyone had their big laugh and jokes about my attire grandmother ask me what she had said about the makeup, again I was begging her not to but she made me say it, I said you said you would spank me with the hair brush. Yes. I was over her knee in an instant. The dress was up and the panties down around my ankles soon my butt was burning and I was wailing like a baby. She asked if I was going to be a good little girl I promised I would be a good little girl.

Grandmother and mother told me that I was to dance around and sing Mary had a little lamb for them. I started to say no but grandmother was tapping the hair brush on her knee so I began to prance and sing, of course they all got a kick out of that. Then grandmother told Sally to take me to the store and buy everyone ice creams, she handed Sally a ten dollar bill and told her to be sure if they saw any of my friends to buy them one also. Mother told me before we left if Sally told me to do anything I was to mind her or the hair brush would be used on the front lawn.

From that day on I was a very good boy but from time to time I was put in the outfit again because of less than a A on my report card. I am married now to one of Sally's girlfriends from that day. She is two years younger than me but that does not stop her from using petticoat discipline on me if I am naughty. Patty owns a dress shop and I work for her. I am often in a dress or petticoat while she hems it or just wants to humiliate me.

I guess one might say I am a better girl than a man. BLUSHING.

Sissy Suzy

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