I lay on the changing mat in my wet nappy, sobbing. I was sick to death of my infantile treatment. Until recently I had been an independent girl living an exciting if chaotic life. Mummy had put a stop to it very abruptly. Now here I was waiting to have my wet pampers changed sucking on my dummy and cringing with embarrassment. Mummy had some friends over today. They were well aware of my infantile status but thankfully mummy had spared me the ignominy of having to face them.

"You were such a good girl for calling me", she said. This was part of my new routine. Every time I had to pee I was to call her and ask "please may I wet my nappy for you mummy?" Once permission was given I would stand before her and and wet myself. It obviously turned her on seeing me degrade myself. In our relationship she had often played dominant sexual roles and reached the most ecstatic climaxes whilst I experienced new depths of blissful shame.

She untaped my nappy and went to work cleaning me with baby wipes. Next she began to rub sweet smelling baby lotion into my skin and predictably and to my shame deep feelings of warm arousal surged through my body as I squirmed on the changing mat. "Somebody's naughty tinkerbell is all excited again!" she sang, before her voice dropped to a menacing register: "what a filthy little girl you are! Getting all excited at the prospect of mummy putting you back in pampers... Well, mummy has a surprise for you". She opened the drawer and held a packet of training panties. I gasped. "Mummy thinks it's time for you to grow up little one. This is a one time offer. You can either accept your new underwear under mummy's conditions and expect to be back in big girl panties in a week or you can stay in nappies for the foreseeable future. What's it to be?"

"Training panties" I stuttered nervously around the teat of my dummy.

"Good girl. Then here's what you have to do to graduate. I will take you into the living room and you will sing a little song for my friends. I want you to sing the song from the pull ups advert to them and when you reach the end you can pull on your new panties all by yourself".

It was unthinkable. I wanted to graduate more than anything but she knew full well I could never do such a thing. "So what's it to be? You have five seconds to either stand up and go to the living room or else ask mummy for a nappy". She counted down slowly and no sooner had she got to the number three I looked into her beautiful eyes and lisped "please may I stay in nappies mummy?"

"Oh darling. I really thought maybe you were ready to start growing up... I was even beginning to think maybe I was going to have my girlfriend back..." she walked over to the shelf and selected one of my pink 'Dotty the Pony' nappies.

It was an hour later. I was lying in my cot in my nappy and pyjama top. I could think of nothing but my beautiful girlfriend and her awesome control over me. I could hear her laughing with her friends and as I lay there swimming in perfect shame I began to rub my nappy in an ecstasy of fraught desire, relishing my absolute failure.
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