My wife had pointed out several times that there were cobwebs in the corners of our living room ceiling. I ignored her words, not knowing she had a plan to get them down. One day she called me to our bedroom and said she was tired of the condition in the living room. I said well clean it up if you want it clean. She then told me that she had taken videos of our little secret. The secret was I liked to be not only put in panties and other women's things. But that I also hated humiliation.

She walked to her dresser and got out a pair of pink cotton panties that looked like they belonged to a slave girl. She handed them to me and said put them on. I thought we were going to play around. After I got them on she told me to put on a my house coat. That was never our game. She then said when the living room is clean I will have other things for you to do.

I went in and cleaned it hoping no one would come to visit. But that soon fell as I heard a knock at the door it was one of her friends. When the woman came in my wife looked at me and said go back to your house work sweetie. I continued to clean hoping my house coat would not come open. I had to get on a chair to get the cobwebs, as I did the housecoat somehow fell off and onto the floor. There I was standing on a chair with her friend and she was looking at me laughing. Her friend said I thought he was a big man but he is just a sissy maid.

My wife said yes he has been for years. My wife began to tell her about some of the things I had done in the past. I started to get off the chair but my wife said in a demanding voice "stay". I stood there while she told her of my wearing panties, diapers and even all dressed up as a little sissy many times. She even told her about me wetting in my panties while standing in the bathtub. Her friend got excited and asked what I would do if told to and my wife said SHE will do any thing I tell her to do. I begged her to let me go get my male clothes on but they just kept talking about me.

My wife said watch this she told me to get down on my hands and knees and come kiss and lick her feet. They both got big laugh of me being on my all fours like a dog licking and kissing her feet. She then said kiss my ass little sissy. She stood and turned. I kissed her ass until she told me to stop.

They began talking about my penis and my wife told me to show her friend how tiny it was. Still crying I lowed my panties and they both got a big laugh at my expense. Her friend said maybe she is a baby girl. My wife said to me are you a baby girl I knew I had to answer her with a yes Ma'am. My wife went to our stash and got a big diaper and her friend watched as I lay on the floor while my wife pinned it on me for her friend to see.

That was a long day but I am what I am...

Her Sissy

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