This is not the typical man dresses as a girl on Halloween. I was at the home of a female friend of mine and Sue's doing some work on her plumbing and being in the laundry area I saw her panties laying on the floor by the washer. Being a panty lover I picked them up and not only looked at them but sniffed them also just as I did that Carol walked in. I was so embarrassed I almost wet myself. She walked out of the room as if nothing happened I went back to work.

Not too many minutes later my wife Sue and Carol walked in and Sue looked mad and asked what the hell I was doing playing with Carol's panties. I tried to explain but she would not give me a chance. I heard her say well sissy what do you have to say for your pathetic self? I said I was sorry I just saw the panties and I was... before I knew it I had them in my hand and you know the rest. Carol asked if I had saw the camera in the corner of the ceiling area. I looked up and almost past out wondering what she might have seen. I tried to apologize but they would not listen.

We were all soon up stairs and both of them agreeing that the pictures from the computer be sent to all my friends online and at the shop. I then began to promise anything if they would not do that. It seemed like a light went off in both of their heads and they walked out telling me to sit on the floor now. I sat like a puppy as soon as the words were out of their mouths. They walked out but soon returned with a arm load of clothes. Sue told me to take off every piece of my clothing, I was shaking like a leaf but did as I was told. Carol upon seeing my manhood began to laugh and asked if she got any pleasure from that tiny little thing and pointing at my thing. Sue said he has a great tongue they both smiled at that statement. Sue handed me the very panties I had sniffed in the basement a few hours before. She said sniff them and do it deep or the pictures go out. I did as I was told.

They explained that Halloween was soon and that I would be going as "Juicy Lucy the whore". Sue also added that from now on I would be the wife of the house and she the head. I would call her Mistress or Ma'am even in public as well as at home. I would also call Carol Ma'am at all times and if I failed I knew what would happen with the pictures of my panty sniffing days, they both laughed. I was dressed in pink rumba panties and a pink bra and a naturally a very short dress with stockings and low heels (they said I would learn with these before getting to six inch heels). They did my make up and placed a wig on my head.

Before I knew it was dressed in a full outfit as a woman. I looked in her floor length mirror and saw a woman looking back. I am sorry but I began to cry. Sue and Carol both said to stop or they would give me something to cry about. I was soon over Carol's lap being spanked with a wooden spoon and then Sue's lap being spanked with her bare hand. They made me look at my butt in the mirror and it was very red. They said pull up YOUR panties and we are going to shop for your Halloween whore outfit. I knew the company Halloween party was not to far off and I would be the belle of the ball so to speak.

We went shopping at an adult shop for the outfit and I was made to put it on in the dressing room as other watched through a see thru mirror as the place had such a place if someone wanted to be seen dressing. They took me in the room and I heard the other room filling up with men and women to watch the show. I won't go into all of that now but I heard a lot of clapping when Mistress Sue spanked me for ruining a pair of stocking with my toenail.

Halloween came way to soon. When I walked in the hall I heard many people draw a breath as they looked at me. Before this day all the women at work called me The Hunk" now they call me sissy. Sue told me to go to the mike and introduce myself as everyone else had done. She told me in your sexy girl voice or else. I did it in tears and when I said I was Tom but now I am Juicy Lucy the Whore. The laughter filled the room.

Before the night was over I had danced with over ten men at least once and was dipped by everyone. When the night was almost over I was so glad but then Sue got up at the mike and said if any of the women or men needed a maid Juicy Lucy would be available for price. She gave out our phone number. I often sit at the company computer working and get e-mails asking for a peek at my panties or to be some ones maid. I have to answer yes if they put a asterisk at the end.

Juicy Lucy the Whore/ Maid

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