from Stephanie

Dear Auntie Helga,

When I first got petticoated the embarrassment was overwhelming and it took a lot of punishment to make me accept it, however over the years I came to accept the dressing and humiliation as "normal" and whilst I do not say I came to enjoy it I have reached a situation where I need it.

In the first stages my panties were my sisters old ones and usually plain cotton as she was two years younger than me they were usually too small and therefore tight for me. This was the case with the clothes I had to wear as mother did not have me wear anything that my sister still wore also although Yvette, my sister, often wore jeans and trousers I only ever wore boy clothes to school or when we went somewhere in the evening or weekend shopping or whatever and it was decided that I should wear shorts even though all the other boys were in long trousers, mother was a talented seamstress and so she made my shorts both for school and trips and she made them very short which made me the source of ridicule at school and the object of stairs when out. Needless to say this got worse as I got older and taller but mother said it was good for me and I never got into any trouble again so she must have been right.

The first time I ever had female clothes of my own was my 13th birthday, I had been petticoated at home for over a year by then and mother decided to throw a party for family and friends she told me I was to wear a new party frock she was making and I had lots of sessions being measured etc: When I first saw the party outfit I was shocked and I am ashamed to say I threw a tantrum and swore at mother she simply picked up the cane, I was bent over the table and she caned me severely, I begged my mother to let me wear the dress.

The dress was a little girls party dress in shocking pink satin with loads of pale pink petticoats that made the bottom stand out almost like a tutu my panties were red silk with masses of frills and bows on and I had white tights to wear as well the dress was so short my panties were on constant show.


Thank you for your letter Stephanie. Every mother that endorses a strict petticoating has their own methods, agree or disagree, it works for them and as you can see in this letter Stephanie has become a well adjusted adult and lives a happy life. What a delightful dress for a boy to have the privilege of wearing.

Auntie Helga

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