from Gunddukogile

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was brought up by my mother following very strict rules at home and my hair dressing rules which is chiseled in stone and has not changed a bit even after my marriage.

My married life has been even stricter, considering that now I have 3 elderly females, who supervise every aspect of my life, now that I very well understand my place in this household and well trained to behave like a maid and follow the command instinctively to the word, my wife has started humiliating me in public, she likes to show off who is in charge, when we go out I have to carry a shopping bag and walk 3 steps behind her, I should never cross her if she stops I should stop.

Once when we were on our usual shopping trip I was not concentrating on her and started looking at some other things around, so when my wife stopped to see some articles in one shop I just kept walking and crossed her and went forward, I returned immediately as I knew about it but the mistake was already done and she doesn't believe in leniency, she slapped my face hard leaving her finger impression on my cheek, and she made me to stand there in public, holding my pigtail braids pulled tightly upwards for 30 minutes, it was so humiliating because few passerbys also asked me why I am standing here pulling my braids, I had to tell them it is a punishment for not following my wife's orders perfectly.

At home sometimes my wife uses my long thick braid as a leash to guide me around the house as required, I am responsible for keeping our house spotless and my performance is inspected randomly. During inspection she holds my pigtail as a leash and pulls me across to each and every room and checks that all the work be completed according to her specified standards else I am in for a severe spanking, I dread these inspection times. If any inefficiency is found I am ordered to prepare myself for the punishment i.e., I have to remove my clothes completely except my shoes and socks and stand at the center of our living room and wait for my wife to arrive. This doesn't change even if any visitors are present I have to stand at attention position displaying my private parts for everybody to see.

I have to stand at attention position during lengthy interrogation, where every now and then she hits my private part with a cane, finally she announces my punishment and immediately I should bend over a wooden chair and receive my caning. The number of strokes depend upon my mistakes though usually it would be between 15 to 20.

My mother also stays nearby on the same road hardly 150 meters from my wife's house, I should also attend and obey her, but now a days I am called only for some special duties or to receive punishment, because she has two maids who would attend her and my sister hand and foot, they are my Father and my sister's husband. I am fortunate that I have been trained on domestic duties since a young age, because I can see that my sister's husband is not used to doing house work prior to their marriage and now he endures sever punishments for not doing his chores properly, both my sister and my mother punish him for any misdeeds.

That's all for now I am getting late to go home, if you are interested in my story I will write again telling you other incidences of my strict and disciplined lifestyle.


Thank you for your letter Gunddukogile. Another fine example illustrating the universal nature of strict control by an enlightened wife along with an effective regime of petticoating, this time in India. I know many readers will find this as fascinating as I do and may consider this example when practicing their version of our favorite subject.

Auntie Helga

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