from Tina

Dear Auntie Helga,

As promised in my last email I have been allowed to write about my lifestyle with Aunt Dorothy. I am writing this letter under the close supervision of my lovely Aunt Dorothy using up the 30 minutes internet access I am allowed per month.

As I wrote in my first letter I used to visit my Aunt from time to time and was caught in the act of trying on her clothes and am now living with her, in her care and guidance. My Aunt is an intelligent woman and is a director of a local company where she goes to work at every weekday, to maintain the business she has built up over the last 30 years. As you may assume she is the main breadwinner, I have a part time job there doing office chores so that I can have more time at home to do the chores here. Although I work hard it is very rewarding and pleases my Aunt and allows both our lifestyles.

We live in a detached house in the country with the nearest neighbour being about 100 metres away and are quite secluded. When I am at home I always have to be smartly dressed and well 'preened', always in a dress or skirt and ALWAYS in tights - bare legs are NOT allowed. As previously mentioned my 'little nutties' are permanently tucked away from whence they came with a little help of a long legged, high waist panty girdle. This is matched (and I mean always has to be matching) with a long line firm bra filled with 'water balloons' (Auntie doesn't like gel fillets as there is no bounce or natural movement). My tights have be appropriate to the weather and circumstance in terms of colour and opacity. Support or heavy tights are usually worn to give good coverage and the sense of encapsulation. Blouse and skirt are most usual with dresses for special occasions. And accessories like bracelet, necklace, rings and ear rings also have to complement the outfit of the moment.

When I am at work I have my feminine underwear but a smart men's suit on top and to maintain my Aunties position I have to make sure it is always covering that which is below. When I go out for a walk or to town I am not allowed to wear full female attire but must always wear my underwear. In the summer I must wear a very light shirt and shorts which of course shows my bra (without inserts) quite distinctly and shorts which of course show my tights. This is done for my embarrassment and has led to some very interesting conversations. What embarrassment would there be if I was totally dressed as a woman :)

One of the special occasions I remember was one beautiful summers day when we were to have tea and scones in the garden. Well, previous to this we had been shopping together and I saw a stunning summer dress in a department store, we discussed it for a while and moved on and thought no more of it but secretly hoped I could wear it one day. Anyway back to the story, Auntie suggested that we have the tea in the garden in the afternoon at about 4pm and said that it would be nice to dress for the occasion and she would be wearing her summer dress and then mentioned that, as a treat, she had bought me the one in the store.

I was so happy, it was a light peach flower design on the lightest silk material, it had a neck band hooked at the back, sleeveless, gathered at the neck going down to just above the knee and trimmed at the bottom with large generous curls of the same material. I imagined it would caress my body as it fluttered in the summer breeze, I would hardly know it was on and when I sat down it would flow around my seat. For some reason I was imagining a simple skimpy bra and little silky knickers and little else. But when it came to it Auntie made sure that standards would still be upheld. To start with my 'manly' bits were tucked away and firmly so in a firm high waist g-string panty girdle, then the usual long leg, high waist panty girdle and then a pair of white dance tights followed by a full body corsellete with sewn up crotch. I then had a pair of 5 denier nude tights - perfect for the occasion. After Auntie had applied the appropriate make up and accessories I then got to wear my lovely new dress - it didn't disappoint. Because of my underwear I couldn't feel it on my skin but it looked absolutely gorgeous. My Auntie is so wonderful and so kind to me, I adore her and would do anything for her.

That was a perfect moment and as you might imagine with a loving Auntie there has to be a balance. There is a whole array in which Auntie gets me back on the straight and narrow after I make an error of judgment. One time when my errors had mounted up I was sent to The Shed to think about them. This is a very small shed at the bottom of the garden which is painted matte black and just behind a hedge and in full sunlight. In preparation I must have no feminine attire as it can't be the woman in me which has made the error it must be the male side (kind of makes sense really). I have to drink 4 litres of water in the previous four hours and am not allowed relief. I then am given a soapy enema and sealed with a butt plug, all held in place with a heavy rubber harness around my waist and underneath.

A sliver of ginger inserted down the end of willy, an irritant cream applied and then a heavy pair of rubber pants with tight legs and waist. A couple of nipple clamps and gag is applied and then a rubber hood with small breathing tube and then an all over rubber outfit. I then go into the shed where I am wrapped in black cling film and put in a box which is exactly my dimensions. All the padlocks and bolts applied, I am left in the shed where I have to sweat it out with the discomforts pounding at my senses. This endurance is an incredible experience and an excellent chance to realise my mistakes and to dwell on how wonderful it is to serve and live with my Aunt and with standards that are for my own good. Realistically this is a dangerous thing to do but I know that Auntie does include some vital sign electronics in my wrapping so that I am kept an eye on.

Thanks for listening Aunt Helga and hope this is of interest and help to other women who have people to serve them. Sorry I've rambled on a bit. Kind regards and blessed New Year to you all


Thank you for your letter Tina. What a wonderful relationship with your amazing Aunt Dorothy, and please thank her for us for allowing you time to write. A proper underpinning is very important for any successful petticoating even when wearing a delightful light summer dress. Her punishment, though harsh to some, serves it purpose and you seem no worse for the experience. I hope to publish another installment of our correspondence later this year.

Auntie Helga

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