from Wendy

Dear Helga,

I am finally getting around to writing you an email and please accept my apologies for the delay. If I understand correctly my husband Andy has been talking with you about his changing life from husband to sissymaid. Andy didn't know it however I have been reading your website material and another website for quite some time. We have enjoyed a fairly kinky lifestyle over the years with me working toward having Andy become my sissymaid. It wasn't hard to convince to crossdress for me having done it many time before. This time instead of a Saturday thing or a weekend at a hotel I raised the stakes more to test Andy. When he didn't gove me trouble I knew the time had come to transform him into my sissymaid. Hopefully Andy has been honest with you and you have offered him some good advice like I've seen with some of your letters. Jumping ahead in fact tomorrow Andy will have a minor surgery to have breast implants by my sister who owns a clinic where they do a number of procedures like breast implants. From there Andy will be on his way to becoming feminized and I can hardly wait. Helga following some great information by other women I began fucking Andy a little over a week ago. That combined with him in chastity has really helped him see just how far I was willing to go to have him as my sissymaid. Now he is under the impression for some reason the breast implants and chastity are temporary. Helga he is so wrong it isn't funny.

I have also added a prescription of estrogens to Andy's daily vitamins which I watch him take twice a day. Before long his penis won't be an issue for me or him as it won't work. I'm not sure what you think about sissymaids on estrogens Helga. Maybe you can share some insight on whether other women have done the same. As I mentioned femiinizing Andy is going to happen one way or the other so he can see there is more to being a woman than wearing panties and bras which he likes.

Helga have any of the women who write to you talked about castration of their sissymaids or that taboo? I wouldn't mind sending Andy for SRS at some point howvever we will see how it goes with breast implants and estrogens first. I would love to hear your thoughts on sissymaids of the past, present and what you see happening in the future.


Thank you for your letter Wendy. How nice to hear from you, I am so happy to see that my site has helped you to transform him into her. So great your sister is helping and can provide him with surgeries. That and the hormones and he is well on his way. I fully agree with your drug treatments for him, many others do the same though I always stress they should do so with medical approval. Castration is fast becoming the preferred method of permanent chastity, SRS less so, most seem to prefer their sissymaids to be basically male as it adds to the charm and their constant humiliation.


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