from Amanda

Dear Helga,

Eddie's refusal to let the girls play with him as a baby was disappointing but not really surprising. The experience would be far worse for Eddie than anything we have done to him before. He has accepted Mum's and my authority because we are adults and have certain rights as mother-in-law and wife. It would be a big step for him to also accept the authority of girls - especially his own daughters. Also, remembering how he used to punish them, I think he is afraid of retribution!

As far as dressing up is concerned, Eddie wears women's underwear on my instructions; but nobody would know that just by looking at him. He is used to it now and I don't think it worries him any more. He accepts it as a symbol of my domination over him. He wears dresses too. He knows that he looks good in a dress and I think he has learned to enjoy wearing pretty things; but he would never admit that. As a matter of principle, he won't put on a dress unless Mum or I instruct him to. He is afraid of anyone seeing him in a dress but, in the privacy of our home, he doesn't have to worry about that. A dress doesn't stop him from doing what he wants at home - after he has done the housework of course and attended to any personal favours that Mum or I require of him.

Dressing him as a baby would be a different matter. He could be kept in baby clothes and confined to a high chair, cot or play pen for long periods, with nothing to do but suck a dummy, play with soft toys and try to avoid wetting his nappies. I would hate to be treated like that. I don't expect Eddie enjoy the experience either (although I believe that some men would), but that was my intention. I guess that makes me a bad person.

The part that Eddie would like least is the part that I was most looking forward to - that of watching the girls put him into nappies. I am curious to know whether Eddie could resist having an erection when the girls touch his sensitive parts. I was interested to see how the girls would react, too. I just used baby powder on the girls, but baby oil has to be rubbed on. It would almost be like having the girls masturbate him - but I would not have let it go that far.

I was still trying to think of ways to make it happen. It would be such a turn on! He would hate every minute of it. The only people who would enjoy it would be me, Mum and the girls. Maybe I should be satisfied with the things he accepts, like dressing him in pretty clothes and having him attend to my personal needs.

On brighter note, and this was really why I decided to write to you today, Ruth popped over to see me yesterday with Tanya and a girl that I did not know. The girl had short hair and looked strangely familiar, but she kept staring at the floor and I could not get a good look at her. Then I realised that it wasn't a girl at all. It was my nephew Jason! I was thrilled to see him in one of Tanya's dresses. Jason has always been hostile toward us because of the way we have feminised his uncle Eddie. He has often bullied Emily and Sarah because of it too. It did me the world of good to see the tables turned on him.

Ruth has wanted to practice petticoat discipline on Jason for a long time but Mike (my brother) would not let her. Mike has strongly opposed the practice ever since Mum petticoated him and put me in charge of him when I was only ten years old. Ruth said that Mike is away at a conference this week, so she took the opportunity to confront Jason about his bullying. He needed to be punished for that but I knew she also wanted to dress him in Tanya's clothes just for the fun of it.

Despite his short hair, Jason looked so much like a girl that Ruth has no qualms about taking him out dressed like that. Apparently he started to get difficult when he realised that they were coming to our place, but Ruth had him by one hand and Tanya by the other. Jason stopped struggling when he saw that he was just drawing attention to himself. Tanya took Jason through to the girls' room while Ruth and I had a cuppa and discussed the problem I was having with Eddie. At the time, I was still trying to think of ways to make Eddie submit to the baby game.

I heard lots of squeals and giggles coming from the girls' room. I don't know what they were getting up to in there but I somehow think that Jason's bullying days are over. He was wearing pink nail polish when he left. I don't think Jason will tell Mike what happened; but Ruth isn't worried if he does. It will be too late for Mike to do anything about it.

As far as Eddie is concerned, I have just one question. I know that petticoat discipline has been an accepted form of punishment for boys throughout history and in many cultures. My question is this: is petticoat discipline for adult males meant to be for consenting adults only? If so, I think I have been making a dreadful mistake coercing Eddie into situations that he finds repugnant, but I simply can't help being sexually aroused by it.


Thank you for your letter Amanda. Dressing Eddie as a baby and other forms of role play are one of the major aspects of this lifestyle, of course everyone is different and treats the sissy in their own way, there is no right or wrong, if it turns you on, then its worth a try. Good to see that your nephew received a dose of petticoating, lets hope it helped. In my opinion the sissy does not have to consent, there is a power shift at play and by agreeing to submit, it becomes expressed obedience, so don't worry about it.


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