from Nancy

Dear Helga,

I feel like I know you already having been friends with Jill long before your name was introduced to me. As promised here is my introductory email and yes I am bad at emails having an endless pit of them at work every day. Any how I am here now so shall we get started getting to know one another? To begin let me say I love what you have done to help Jill with Daisey.

Now I will be the first to admit when she said to me years ago she was going to own a man some day I thought okay here we go. Then when she met Daisey part of me thought poor guy and the other thought she won't do it blah blah blah. As you can see Helga when Jill puts her mind to something it happens. Well I am her best friend so can you see anything rubbing off on me?

Let's get to Lindsey who was Frank yesterday ha ha ha. Helga I just go so sick of the laziness and carefree attitude that when Jill advised making changes and seeing her success with Daisey I finally caved. Now two days later OMG why or why didn't do this years ago? Lindsey put up a stink just like Jill said she would however Lindsey was no match for Jill first of all or me following her lead. Jill also advised a firm no nonsense approach right from the beginning. We read so many of the letters on your website where mothers, wives, sisters and Mistresses started off with more push back than push forward. Jill bless her heart thought it best to take the bull by the horns leaving no room for error.

I was going to slowly get Lindsey to try on panties and bras then maybe something else a few weeks back. Jill asked me if I was crazy with that approach it would take too long and leave Lindsey too many options. We agreed that drop it all on Lindsey on day one, then day two and so on keeping her hopping with all the changes. Well it worked so far confusing the heck out of her. She is dressed in a sissy dress, has her orders and I have already given her an introduction of what is to come. Yup I gave her a good little fucking last night just to show her who is in charge now. If you add all that up Helga you have one confused partially submitting husband already in chastity and ready to serve.

Can you tell Jill and I are friends yet? I know we are a couple of characters and when her mom is with us it is just bad. Here is a quick story for you Helga which I am sure you will appreciate. We were out for dinner a few weeks back just Jill, her mom and me. Well why is it that three girls can't have a quiet night without macho boys hitting on us. One of them was a real pain in the ass no Jill's mom stopped eating while the guy towered over her. In a very quiet firm voice she said to the guy "the only panties you will be getting into tonight are the spare pair I have in my purse just after I tan your bare ass so badly it bleeds" She picked up her fork asking where were we girls. That guy walked away with his tail between his legs and we never heard from him again. She is a gem.

Alright Helga I am wearing out my welcome and have work to do. I look forward to hearing from you however please forgive me if I am late getting back to you.

Thank you

Thank you for your letter Nancy. How nice to hear from you and congratulations for a job well done in introducing Lindsey to her new life. With an otherwise reluctant subject, strict and no nonsense is usually the best approach and with Jill's advice you couldn't go wrong. Sorry to say but Jill has moved on, though I've heard she still has Daisey to serve her and still shares her with her mischievous mother. I know the readers would love an update at some point.


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