from Ken

Dear Auntie Helga,

Annie is a lovely woman and I do love her very much. I have the utmost respect for her not holding back on what she wants in life. That is probably why we get along so well even though our ages are far a part. I thought at first Annie just wanted a boy toy that wouldn't be anything more than fun and sex. There is more to her than that as I now realize. Even after she gave me your website to review she allowed me the time to look at it then ask questions with no pressure at all. I am aware that the pressure is all mine in that if I said no Annie would find another young guy who said yes. Auntie Helga your wording or opportunity speaks the same way Annie talks about me as her sissymaid. I did ask about the clothing in which Annie confirmed in order to be her sissymaid I would wear much of what I saw on your website Auntie Helga.

Took a break to think

I did call Annie at work to read your email to her so that she knew I had reached out to you Auntie Helga. Annie did tell me she had a sissymaid before but he only lasted a year because he was weak and disappointing. She didn't seem to be concerned by telling me that there are lots of young men looking to submit so if I turned down the opportunity she wouldn't ask me again. Part of me was scared while the other part of me was yelling do this for Annie. She was quiet on the phone after answering my questions waiting for me to answer the question yes or no. Annie told me to go get a box under her bed then bring it back to the phone which I did. I opened it seeing a pink lace covered baby doll nightie, pink panties with the same lace all over them, a pink bra also covered in lace and pink heeled slippers. Annie asked me to describe what I was looking at so I did. She told me to go take a bubble bath and shave all the hair off my body except for my head then put everything on in the box to be ready for her when she got home. Annie asked me if I was willing to do that for her when I said yes I would do it. She sent me to get ready for her following her exact instructions.

Going to have a bath now

An hour later Annie called me to see how I was making out when I let her know I had done what she asked. Annie asked if everything fit when I replied that it did. She said I should sit down and write to Auntie Helga about accepting her offer to be a sissymaid. I am doing that now writing while I sit here dressed in pink feeling very strange to be honest. I never did anything like this in my life or wore panties or a bra. Annie seemed happy that I accepted by saying I was a good girl. Auntie Helga I don't know what to expect when Annie comes home even though I read some letters from other women on your website. I do feel strange with no hair on my legs or any where else for that matter. Some how inside I feel it was the right thing to do to keep Annie in my life. I can see that Annie was prepared as though she knew I would accept the offer having that box ready for me to get from under her bed. I should get going as Annie called from her car wanting me to collect all my clothes and put them in a trunk in the garage for now.

Thanks for helping me discover this as an opportunity.


Thank you for your letter Ken. She does seem to have her heart set on having a sissymaid and you have the opportunity to be that person, you are very fortunate to be given this possibility. It is becoming more common for this type of relationship, they are very happy about it. I expect she would prefer you to dress the part but of course that is her decision. Giving yourself totally to another person is always awkward at first and more so given the circumstances, but she genuinely seems to care for you, you obviously do her, so sure, I say go for it.

At PDQ we try not to make judgments about people's proclivities, this is a mostly free society and at least within this website and our very popular forum, we can feel free to express our real selves. Thank you all so much for your continued support, and please, send in your story to share. May you have a very Happy New Year.

Auntie Helga

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