Alicia was a woman who went to the same college as I did. I had seen her around several times, but I never really met her until about a month before I went to her house. I officially met her when I was at work one day. She said she had seen me around campus a lot, and she gave me her number. She and I had talked on the phone several times before she invited me over to her house. While at her house, we talked and reminisced about college and other things. After a few hours, I told Alicia that I would be heading home. Just before I left, I noticed that there was a laundry basket, and a large black padded bra, and large black underwear was sticking out of it.

I decided to take them, and play a little prank on Alicia. After I took them, I left her house, got in my car, and drove home. When I got home, I went up to my room, and I hid her bra and panty under my mattress. The next day, a little while after I woke up I got the bra and panty from under my mattress, and I went to a place that was actually only 3 blocks from Alicia's house.

I got out of the car, bra and panty in my hand. I then walked toward a flagpole that was on the property. I then put Alicia's bra and panty on the flagpole, and I hoisted them up, so they were at the very top. I smiled and I saluted and said "I pledge allegiance to Alicia's big black bra, and her big black underwear." I walked away, laughing. Perhaps I should have felt remorse, but I didn't, because I figured it was all in good fun, and I figured there would be no way that Alicia would find out what I did. Well, a couple of days later, I got a call from Alicia, saying that she wanted to see me. I thought "Oh no, she knows what I did."

So, later that day, I went to her house, to see what she wanted. I knocked on her door, and she let me in. She said "Let's go up to my room, so we can talk." While going upstairs, I asked "So, what's up?" She said "I just have some questions to ask you." I thought to myself "She knows what I did. Alright calm down, just play it cool." When we got up to her room, we sat on her bed, and she said "The reason I asked you to come over is because I noticed my favorite black bra and black panties are missing, and, earlier today, I saw them on a flagpole a few blocks from my house. Now, I want to know. Did you take my bra and panty and hang it up a flagpole?"

I answered "Of course not." She said "Cory, listen. I'm pretty sure it was you who hung my bra and panty up a flagpole, so confess now and things will be easier for you." I said "There's nothing to confess." Alicia then said "Alright, before I continue, I'm going to go get us a couple of glasses of Pepsi. I'll be right back." So, she left her room, and went downstairs to get the drinks. I kept thinking "How am I going to get out of this?" Before I knew it, Alicia came upstairs with the drinks. She handed me my glass, and I started drinking it. Soon, I felt really tired. I set the glass down on her dresser, and she asked "Cory, are you okay?"

I said "I feel really tired all of a... sudden." The next thing I know, I was out cold. A little while later, I woke up, and I heard several voices, and my first thought was "What's going on?" I felt something weird on my body, and I looked down, to see I was wearing a purple padded bra, and purple nylon underwear! I then looked straight ahead, and I saw several women standing there pointing and laughing at me. I then realized that my hands were bound by rope. I noticed I was in Alicia's backyard. I then asked "What is this?" Alicia said "This is your punishment. This is what you get for hanging my bra and panty up a flagpole."

I said "Alicia, please let me go." She said "I'll let you go when I'm good and ready. Now admit what you did." I thought I might as well. I figured that if I confessed, she'd let me go sooner. So, I said "Alright, I admit it. I took your bra and panty, and hung them up a flagpole." She asked "Why did you do that?" I answered "I thought it would be funny." Alicia angrily said "Yeah, well it wasn't! You really embarrassed me, so I'm embarrassing you." I said "Alicia, I'm sorry." Alicia said "No you're not, but you will be, and do you know why?" I answered "No." She said "You'll be sorry because I and everyone else here has taken pictures and shot video of you tied up like this." I yelled "What?" She said "You heard me. I'm going to upload the video, and I'll put the pictures online, and I'll hang them all over the place." I said "Alicia, please don't do that. I'll do anything you say." Alicia laughed and said "It's too late. There's nothing you could say or do that would make me not do this."

About another 20 minutes went by before Alicia finally let me go. During the time I was tied up, I was called many mean nicknames, including "Fat boobs, fat tits, fat ass, fat girl, pervert, piggy, loser, scumbag," etc. After Alicia untied me, she told me to go in her house, take off the bra and panty, get dressed and leave, which I did.

I found out that Alicia kept her word, because I saw several of the pictures online, and I saw them all over my neighborhood, and Alicia even sent me a link to the video she posted online. As you might have expected, I had to deal with a lot of teasing, and name calling, but I guess I deserved it for hanging Alicia's bra and underwear up a flagpole.

The end
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