Happy Baby

I had been out of town for a very long time, and a couple days after I had returned, I went to see an old girlfriend of mine. Linda was very happy to see me again and I was very surprised to see that she now had a baby girl. We talked for a long time, telling each other of what we had been doing those last few years. Then her baby began to cry, and I watched as Linda put her baby girl on a pink baby blanket on the floor, so that she could change her diaper. As I watched Linda change the baby's diaper, I could not contain myself, so I asked, Can I be next?

She just smiled at me as she untapped the diaper. Do you need your diaper changed too? She asked. No, but I sure would like to be diapered, I replied. Alright then, you take all your clothes off and come lay down over here, and when I have my baby's diaper changed, I'll find some diapers' to put on you, okay? She said. I stood up and began to take my clothes off, first my shirt, then my shoes, then my pants. When I pulled the pants down, Linda saw that I was wearing pink, cotton panties. As I sat down to remove my socks, she said, those are very pretty panties. Do always wear girls' panties now? Well, yes, but I wear other girls clothes too, I said as I pulled the panties off, and went to lay down the baby blanket.

I wondered why you seemed to be so interested in what the girls wore at school, and which store they had gotten their clothes from, she said. Did you ever go and buy the things you saw the girls wearing? Yes, sometimes I would, but back then I was still very embarrassed to do that. But some times I really liked what I had seen some girl wearing, and just had to go buy it too, and then make sure that I hide it very well, so that my mother, or brother did not find what I had gotten.

I watched Linda change her baby's diaper with loving care, and hoped that I too would soon be enjoying her gentle touch. Once Linda had finished changing the baby's diaper, she moved over in front of me now. Okay sweetie, lets get you all cleaned up and ready for your diaper, shall we. Now I want you to put your feet up by your head the best that you can please. I put my legs over the top of my body, trying my best to get my feet up by my head. Linda took two baby wipes out of the container then began to clean my bottom with them. That's a good baby girl, just keep those legs up there now, and I could see the smile on her face as she cleaned me up.

Alright now, put your legs down and let's clean up your cute little pee pee area now. I put my legs down, spread them open wide, and Linda gently cleaned my front side up. Once she had finished, she got up, and said that she would go and find something for me to wear. I lay there next to her baby girl, very glad that Linda had not gotten mad at me, or yelled at me for asking to have her put a diaper on me as if I also were just a little baby. In a few minutes, she returned, carrying a large stack of cloth diaper's, and something big and white that I could not tell what it was. She knelt down in front of me again, Okay now little baby, I have found some nice fluffy, soft, cloth diapers to put on you. I watched as she put the diapers on top of one another, then she smoothed out all the wrinkles, then she folded the front of the diaper, just as all babies diapers are, with a rectangle in the front, and open in the back.

Okay sweetie pie, put those legs up for mommy so I can get your diaper under you now, and I saw that pretty smile on her face again. I once again put my legs over my body, and then she pushed on my thighs, causing my bottom to rise up off the baby blanket, then she slide the diapers under me. You can lower your legs just a little bit now, and as I did, I saw her pick up the baby powder container. Linda sprinkled some powder on my bottom now. She gently spread it all over me, and I could smell that wonderful baby powder smell in the air, I loved that smell so much. Okay baby, lower your legs now and lets get some baby powder on the front side now.

I lowered my legs now, and she shook out the powder all over my pee pee area, and once again, very gently, spread it all over. When she pulled the diapers up between my legs, I could feel how soft they were, and they made my legs spread very far apart, due to them being very thick. Then Linda showed me the diaper pins she was going to use, they were cute pink teddy bears. As she pinned the diapers on me, I asked, Mommy, can I have a bottle too please? She smiled very big now, Of course you can have a baby bottle sweetie, just as soon as I am finished putting your diapers on, I'll go and warm up a bottle for each of my baby girls. Thank you mommy.

The diapers were now snuggly pinned on me, and then I saw what the big white things were that I was unable to see earlier. Linda opened up a very big pair of plastic pants. I had to use these when I was pregnant, as if I laughed too hard or sneezed to hard, I always wet my panties. And I am very glad that I saved them, because they are just perfect to put on over your diapers, so baby doesn't get mommy's furniture wet. She put my feet through the holes, and as she pulled them up my legs, I could feel how soft they were. I put my legs over my body again, and mommy pulled them up over my thick diapers. There we are now, baby is all diapered, do you like your diapers and baby panties honey? Oh yes mommy, very much. They feel so good, and I really like the soft baby panties too, thank you very much mommy.

Good, then I'll go warm up the baby bottles for my little baby girls now. As I lay there next to her baby girl, I felt so good in my diapers, and I loved how tenderly mommy had diapered me, just as if I were her real little baby girl. When she returned, she gave a bottle to her baby, then as she stood up, she said, you need to come over to the sofa because mommy is going to feed you your baby bottle. I got up and followed her to the sofa, and when she sat down, I got up on the sofa, with a little difficulty, and put my head in her lap. She put the nipple in my mouth, and I began to drink. She smiled as she looked down on me,

From now on you will come over to my house every day after work, and also spend every day you have off here. You will be diapered, and I will treat you like the baby it is very clear that you are, and probably have always been too. I'll get you some pretty baby panties, and see if I can find some baby girl dresses that will fit you. I have been Linda's little baby girl for about two years now. I am very lucky, as I have lots of pretty baby pants with ruffles and lace, lots of soft cloth diapers, and pretty baby dresses to wear too. Even though her baby girl is still in diapers, when my diapers are being changed, she always points at me and says, see the baby mommy? Linda always says, Yes sweetie, mommy see's the baby too.

Thank you Auntie Helga, I am very much a very Happy Baby.
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